Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I live and continue to write and draw

Hello folks, it's been a while hasn't it? I've been stressing, drawing, and writing for/on/over this DnD adventure project I am working on, and I have gotten all the intensive drawing work out of the way, though there is still more line/sketch and map work to do. Below are all the monsters for the project called: Black Stone Starship.

As a side note, I would like to get back to working on my Infinite City. It's strange that someone could miss a fictitious place, but I do. In writing, drawing, and then showing it off, it made the city somehow real for me in a way. I've been dreaming about the place too, and I am starting to think it wants out again. Like all organic things, the City has grown and changed in my head and I have a better grasp on what the city really is, and why the Storyteller Wars were fought. I have a map too. Expect more, soon, lest the City comes flying out of my head like Athena from Zeus; though unlike the god king, I doubt I could survive a gaping exit-wound in my head. The City hungers...

My buddy helped me come up with this one.

More teenaged-psycho-bully and less Jeff Goldbloom.

This guy belong to Christopher Mennell.

Remember this monster? I am reusing the idea for this project.

I started out by drawing an old guy, then kept on adding stuff that creeped me out.

Pretty much just Cthulhu + Harpy.

The idea for this came from a pic I saw in National Geographic of a newly discovered spider.

This... This is a pair of legs with whips for an upper body.

The face/mask is based off of an old Mickey Mouse mask I saw online.

The face is based off of a pic of Charlize Theron in a magazine on my coffee table.

This is actually based off of a picture of me I took to get the pose right.
A Shtriga is an Albanian blood drinking witch.

The name comes from Trypophobia, a fear of numerous holes on a surface.