Sunday, June 18, 2017

I promise, I'm not avoid you guys.

So, I am still working on that adventure. I am putting a lot of work into it because this is my first go at being a real writer/illustrator, which means the blog has suffered. I miss making up random weird stuff, and I am looking to be getting back into it when I get the chance. After this adventure I will be writing a sci-fi themed adventure using the Blood of Pangaea system. Below is some of the art I have been working on, and here is the link to what the sci-fi adventure will be based on: LINK

Weirdo evil mascot. Art By: Me

A picture I made with my step-brother. Art By: Me n' Broh

Creepy logger guy. Art By Me (I think his proportions might be slightly off)

Creepy Blobby Face. Art By: Me

Someone asked for a monster, so I made them one. Art By: Me

I made this one just for me, I wanted to play with a photograph of my hand. Art By: Me

Evil Plant Monster!!!!! Art By: Me

Static Face Guy. Art By: Me
Bird is the word. Art By: Me