Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weirdo music

Color version with better shading. Art by: Me

First version of the pic. Art by: Me

This pic is for a room I am working on for the adventure I am writing. The general idea behind this room is the huge statue/musical-instrument generates non-sound based phenomena like Synesthesia. Strings might produce visual stimulus, while the horns might be physical, or particular “notes” produce a specific sensation not linked to sound. There would be a specific monster(s) who is more or less a blob (or maybe a conglomeration of tiny lifeforms) that has a human body part grafted to it. These body parts allow the monster(s) to play a particular part of the instrument: hands and arms for striking or plucking, a human face with lips for blowing into wind-instruments, perhaps feet to step on a base drum pedal. This instrument actually effects the brain on a semi-physical level, meaning that the stuff experienced by the PC’s is not an illusion but rather an environmental effect. The instrument’s players could create monsters to attack the PC’s, dealing subdual damage, once the PC’s are incapacitated the monsters could drag the PC’s off somewhere. In essence the instrument is both a weapon and a puzzle for the PC’s to figure out how to disable. The monsters are another effect generated by the instrument, and will continue to “respawn” to play the instrument until the PC’s figure out how to disable it. 

I have been thinking about adding in a scaled down King in Yellow type monster as well, to add a bit more danger to this. It would work kinda like an undead bard who plays music to drive folks insane. What do you think? Here’s a link to the pic I drew for the King in Yellow type guy: LINK

So, if any of you kind folks have any ideas on make this encounter more cool/weird/horrifying, I would totally dig the input.

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