Friday, May 12, 2017

I'm not dead.

So, I am not dead, just busy. I have been working on an adventure for +Christopher Mennell doing writing and some preliminary art for whoever is willing to draw my messed up ideas. I have also been working on maps. Here is what I have been up to:

Above view of a dungeon room. Map by: Me

Side view of same room. Map by: Me

Room Description:

Sphere Chamber
A room with a spherical interior, rather than a cube. Floor, walls and ceiling sloping up, or down, and away from the you. Constructed of glossy, black stone without seams, the room. Several red, green, and blue planes twist, swoop, and orbit at the center of the room, illuminating the space with a pale prismatic light.

Sphere room
Glossy black stone construction
No light source
Everything illuminated in rainbow light
Red, green, and blue planes move around at the center of the room

Colored Planes Effect – 1D8
Each round, the planes will intersect and create insubstantial objects made of light. During the round, these objects will engage a target, giving them certain penalties depending on the type; roll randomly, including monsters, for who is effected. At the beginning of a new round, roll again for a new effect and a new target. (Should we allow a save to ignore this effect?)

1 - Confusion: Will act as if they are under the effects of the Confuse spell. (1D4 – 1. Act normally, 2. Just stand babbling, 3. Attack self with currently held object, 4. Attack nearest creature.) (R,G,B)

2 - Spaced Out: Cannot act this round, but may defend normally. (G)

3 - Seeing Stars: Vision is partially obscured, take -1 on all melee to-hit rolls and -2 on all ranged to-hit rolls. (B)

4 - Scared: Will flee, or at least attempt to, to the nearest place they perceive as safe. (B,G)

5 - Motion Sick: Will become physically ill, only capable of moving this round, -2 to AC. (R,G)

6 - Freaked Out: -2 to all to-hit rolls and to AC. (R,B)

7 - Seeing Red: Becomes enraged, unable to use skills or cast spells, +2 to-hit and damage -2 to AC. (R)

8 - Heart of Darkness: Unable to see, must track targets using other senses: 50% miss chance, and no Dex bonus to AC. (None)

Shadow Orphan Ver. 1. Art by: Me

Shadow Orphan Ver. 2. Art by: Me

These two pics are of a monster that will appear in the adventure I am writing. Here is the written description for them:

Shadow Orphans
A child dressed in rags, body filthy from days in the mud. Roiling shadows where a head should be, the darkness thinner than razors. The shadowed head forms into human and monster silhouettes, they play out horrors for you to watch. “It’s time.”, the thing whispers with too many voices, all of them belonging to children.

Motivations: Sadism and Boredom. Find a game for them to play that involves someone/something else’s pain, and they may just leave you alone.

A Rosgobler. Art by: Me

 So this is a pic I did for a net/facebook friend who is doing some kind of PDF thing. I drew it in exchange for credit on the PDF. Here is the description he gave me:

"Could you do another line drawing of a new monster called a Rosgobler? They are white as snow and about 7 feet tall. Long gangly arms with three fingers/claws. Long legs that have large feet. The arms are three."

Hopefully, I will have time to do some personal projects to share with you folks. Thanks for continuing to check out my work!

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