Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sore Thumbs and Broken Controlers

The full kit, only two pieces are presented here. Art By: Me

Hey folks, I’m not dead nor am I quitting the writing gig. Currently, I am working on an adventure for In Search of Games, hopefully it should be out sometime this June. Here are a couple magic items that recreate a couple of the more classic platformer abilities: Forward/Backward Rush and Double Jump. I realize there isn’t much here, but hopefully I will have more to offer later. The pixel art is mine. 

Whoosh! Art By: Me
Rush Cape
The actual cape portion of this item is comprised of a cloth like metallic blue silk. Over each shoulder, a sphere encased in red polymer (a material like a cross between leather and wood), cross shaped windows at the front and back spill white light tinged blue. Plates attached to the sphere, covering the upper chest and back, formed of the same red plastic.

On occasion, one might find these pieces of strange magic, or technology, in curio shops and occult auction houses. Embossed on the red casing, blocky writing can be seen, a language mostly forgotten, the font as lifeless as machines. Directions? Warnings? Logos? Sellers rarely know the meaning, most will tell the buyers, smiles never breaking on their faces.

Forward Dash: Doubles the wearers speed provided the addition range is spent moving in a straight line.  (Ex: If a character has a base speed of 30 feet, they may move 60 feet in a round as long as the extra 30 feet is spent moving in a straight line.)

Back Dash: A character can withdraw from melee combat with an opponent at their full speed, provided the character moves in a straight line. The character moves so quickly that their opponent is unable to attack them as part as an attack of opportunity. Moving through squares that are threatened still provokes attacks of opportunity.

Loud: Using this item creates a whining noise then a rush of wind, making it difficult to be stealthy while using it. The type of penalty imposed on the user’s Stealth skill(s) depends on the system:

D20: -5
X out of 6: -2
Percentile: -25%
Into the Odd: -5
Blood of Pangaea: -3 (2D6 Action Roll)

Bright: Accompanying the noise is a bright flash of white light tinged blue. The GM may apply further penalties to a character’s stealth abilities depending on the lighting conditions.

V-Woop! V-Woop! Art By: Me

Jump Boots
Knee-high boots formed from blue polymer (a material like a cross between leather and wood), the exterior plated like armor. Toes shined to a mirror finish that flashes in the light. Soles as yellow as flowers, pliable as leather and twice as tough.

Double-Jump: A character may make a second jump attempt after the first, allowing the individual to gain even more height by jumping again from mid-air. A character may make two long jumps, two high jumps, or a long and a high in whatever order they wish. How this ability works depends on the system:

D20:  The first jump roll is made normally, either a long or high jump. The second roll is made with an added penalty to the jump DC (+3 for long-jump, +2 for high-jump). The first roll must succeed for the second roll to be possible.

OSR / AD&D: The first roll to jump (see whatever rules set for the system used for jumping) is made normally. If the first roll is successful, the character must then successfully roll under their Dexterity on 1D20. On a successful roll, the character may make another roll for another jump.

Into the Odd: The first roll to jump is made normally, usually a successful STR or DEX save. If the first roll is successful, the character must then make a successful DEX save. With a successful save, the character may make another jump attempt.

Blood of Pangaea:  After a character jumps (ask your GM is they require a roll) they may make a second jump if the character rolls a 5+ on 2D6.

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