Sunday, March 12, 2017

To be both insignificant and great, is to be a god.

I like the color version I did of this better...

So, I wasn't really happy with the general style of the last picture, after reading about the origins of the Romani. Fun fact: according to genetic research done in 2012 they most likely originated from what is now North-Western India. So, I am going for a much more Eastern Indian look. This pic is of a 'knife dancer' who fulfills the roll of guardian, entertainer, clown, and philosopher in the Manukari culture (butchered Sanskrit: Manu - Wise, Kari - Artist). So, if anyone is actually fluent in Sanskrit, I would be very grateful for a correct translation of what I am going for here. I have worked on some more weird musical instruments, and I am in the process of making ceremonial headdresses/headpieces/masks. Having studied quite a bit of Hindu philosophy in college, I really ought to do more with the culture in my writing, since its woefully underrepresented in RPG's. So, yeah... The game I run got canceled for tomorrow night, so I should be ready to post by tomorrow. Let me know what you think!

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