Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The power of writing

Author's Note: These pics are the basic instructions to create sigils/gylphs/characters using my handy-dandy generator. This is currently a work in progress, and the final post will include rules for getting the glyphs tattooed onto the body as well as the various effects/powers the grant. Effects, names, and tattoo location will have their own random generators. The name generator will have titles (The Soul of …) that are attached to name(s) of the effect (fire/flame/inferno). The basic shapes come from basic Chinese Character Strokes (LINK) and script shapes from the Voynich Manuscript (LINK). While this generator is incomplete, folks can still generate cool sigils/gylphs/characters to use in their game worlds. I made all of these pics, feel free to repost and spread, just don't take credit for their creation. Feel free to forgo any of the radicals, and even the body itself, to create simpler or different Glyphs/Sigils/Characters. I am using the following terminology: 

Body - The main shape of the Glyph/Sigil/Character.
Radical - The lesser, or supporting, shapes in a Glyph/Sigil/Character.

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