Monday, October 31, 2016

Take him and cut him out in little stars

A Stellatine in feminine form. Pictures Mangled By: Me

Pictures Mangled by Me: Any picture with this in its caption means it is a collage I made using 19th and early 20th century illustrations. All these illustrations are public domain, meaning I didn't rob anyone by using these pictures for my own gains.

Author's Note: This is a partial fluff write up for a perspective race called the Stellatine. The crunch will follow tomorrow or the day after.

Beneath the City is void, and darkness covers its depths. And the spirit of the City moved over the abyss, casting its image upon it. From the reflection came the spirit of the Stellatine, from the void and darkness came their physicality. (Ad Initio 1: 2 – 3)

Beings of darkness and starlight glimmers, protean bodies shifting to fit new identities, personalities as luminescent as the light that breaks the darkness of their bodies. Humanoid in form, the color of their skin being quintessential night, naturally androgynous unless they will a change upon themselves.

They are the Stellatine, the darkness of their skin broken by points of prismatic light. Stellatine forms are mutable, constructing from their own light, features and even 'appendages' to fit their own identity. Blank faces morphing to have neon features, creating identities out of light.

A Stellatine in more masculine form. Pictures Mangled By: Me

The Stellatine have a demeanor as bright as the light that forms their many faces, never at a loss for a reason to experience all that life might have to offer. Despite their current liveliness, they were once the dour caretakers of the Infinite City, moving from neighborhood to neighborhood enveloped in dark cloaks. At the end of the Storyteller Wars they changed, somehow freed from a weight that kept them subdued.

Claiming that their god and creator, the City itself, had freed them from their toil to live the lives they were denied due to their service. In being emancipated from their service the Engineer Kraken and Labor Nautilus arrived through the city gates to take their place. When asked, the Stellatine will reply that they do not know the purpose of their new found freedom, though there are some that doubt the truthfulness of their claim.

They are the founders of a city wide holiday, ostensibly to celebrate the end of the Storyteller Wars, though it seems to have been founded to simply celebrate the beauty of life. Called Light's Celebration, the Stellatine come together to wreath the city in lights, outlining every building and street in prismatic light.

A man in festival attire. Art By: Leon Brakst

During the festival men and women dress in as little as possible, this being one day that propriety is thrown to the wayside, painting themselves with makeup made of light itself. Horded during the rest of the year, the Stellatine freely hand out these luminous pigments for men and women to paint themselves, with true artists of the medium turning people into idealized forms of themselves for a few hours. At the setting of the sun until its next rise, the city becomes a carnival that can range from innocent entertainments to neighborhood wide acts of carnal pageantry.

In the city, the cobbled streets are smoothed to lanes of velvet night. Broken bits of glass, scattered in the destruction of castoff bottles, become pinpoints of starlight in the shifting festival lanterns. People, dressed in bright and varied colors move up and down the under-lit sidewalks. The cloth they wear becoming light itself, luminous makeup smoothing skin and sharpening features, leaving tracers in the wake of their passing. Everyone on these streets are made into Nagel portraits for this night, perfect in lanterns' glow. In dawn's glow people stumble home, their painted fading in morning's light, some abandoning temporary lovers, others propped upon one another to sleep off the headaches that are soon to follow.

A woman in festival attire. Art By: Leon Brakst

On the other nights of the year, the Stellatine fill the pubs, clubs, and theaters, filling them with the light of their bodies and personalities. The Stellatine always dress as if Light's Celebration is a daily occurrence, exposing as much of their starlight-skin as possible.  

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