Sunday, July 17, 2016

Spell - Animate Scroll

A scroll animated by a dude with an awesome beard.

Animate Scroll
Level: 2 Cleric / 3 Magic User Components: V, S, M* Range: Touch Casting Time: 1 round Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: None
Description: This spell gives a magic scroll temporary life, allowing it follow simple commands of the caster. The scroll used must be a spell that the user's class type is able to cast (e.g. Cleric cannot animate a scroll of fireball, a Magic User cannot animate a scroll of Heal). Once cast, the scroll changes, shaping itself into a origami recreation of the caster's face. The scroll is then capable of limited flight, allowing it to move about at a max speed of 30 ft per round. It is only capable of attaining heights that the user's face could attain, so it could become level with the ground or rise to the height the caster's face normally occupies. This means that it must find stairs or ramps in order for it to gain any sort of altitude. The scroll is incapable of any form of communication, but it can understand the spoken commands of the caster, as well as return to the caster if them issue a mental 'call'. The 'cal'l is the greatest extent of non-verbal communication the scroll is capable of understanding. The scroll can activate the spell it is made of, if given the command to do so, or a simple set of circumstances on when it should activate. Once the spell has been used, the scroll is destroyed. The caster may have a number of scrolls animated at once equal to half their level rounded up. The scrolls remain in their animated state until they use their spell or are physically destroyed. When animating a scroll the caster must sacrifice at least 1 HP in order to give the scroll 'life'. The amount of HP sacrificed is equal to the HP the scroll has (e.g. a Magic User sacrifices 2 HP, giving the animated scroll 2 HP). The HP sacrificed cannot be healed until the scroll has been destroyed either by using its spell or reducing it to 0 HP. The spell of the scroll follows all the standard rules for the spell including range. The scroll is capable of touching a target if the spell requires it. The material component of the spell is the scroll it is created from. Animated Scrolls have the following stats:

Type: Construct
Activity Cycle: Always active until it is destroyed.
Diet: None.
Intelligence: Only capable of following basic commands.
Treasure: None
Alignment: N/A.
No. Appearing: Varies.
Armor Class: Base Character AC (As per system used) +/- 2 (Size) +/- Stat Mod of Caster (MU: Int Cl: Wis)
Movement: 30 ft per round Max (Limited Flight).
Hit Points: * (Equal to the HP sacrificed by the caster)
To-Hit: +* (Equal to the ability mod of the caster, Wis for Clerics and Int for Magic Users)
No. of Attacks: N/A
Damage: N/A
All Saves: 20 – Caster Ability Mod (Clerics: Wis, Magic Users: Int)
Special Attacks: Activation of its scroll's spell.

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