Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Grey Folk (Dungeon World Super Remix)

Thank you to the kind Andrew Fish. I am keeping the other up as a learning tool to myself and others. This is now the official version for Dungeon World.
They are the dust of terrible progress. Art by Zdzislaw Beksinski

The Grey Folk
Movement marked by the shuffle and crinkle of paper, it walks with perfect posture. It's dressed in an old suit and unimaginative finery, stained from years of service in abandoned places. Skin, digits, and face are made from dust that wafts off of it in gentle breezes, leaving a floating trail wherever it passes. A humanoid face without expression or indicators of sex and age, its hair nothing more than a short dust haze. “Do you have an appointment?” its voice a sexless agglomeration of whispers from stale rumors and disingenuous apologies.

Formed in places where bored fascism and bureaucracy hold sway. Conglomerations of rote lies and pen-strokes that create misery for the sake of efficiency, these beings are formed from the byproducts that massive organizations leave behind. They start as whispers, floating through halls, repetitions of mottoes and denials for assistance. Growing, they gain physical form, bodies made from decades old documents and suits abandoned in offices. Never noticed, they wander the halls of these leviathan bureaucracies, melding so perfectly with the atmosphere, that they are perceived as just another cog in the machine, another drone in the hive. Even after the business or department has dissolved, the workers sent off to new sites of mediocrity, they still wander the halls. Filling out paperwork, filing folders onto water stained shelves, muttering pointless chatter to empty break rooms, they continue their service to the company despite there being no company to serve. Grey Folk dislike disorder and anyone who isn't willing to bow to the rules of their long extinct company. Mild annoyance and dislike are all the emotion they are capable of, though they act on such feelings to extinguish or reorient those they target. Without souls, and a dislike for those that have them, they burn out the talent of others, scrape out the passion of peoples' hearts, and lay waste to imagination. The Grey Folk are the whimper at the end of the world, having stolen all the energy for one last bang. 

Dungeon World – (Andrew Fish Remix)
Grouping: Single (Usually)
Armor: 2
Hit-Points: 8
Damage: Unarmed - [1D8+2 Forceful, Piercing 2,]

Ennui - When the Grey Folks' dull stare meets your eyes, their weary boredom soaks into your soul. Take -1 ongoing to any act disruptive to their plans while you remain within their presence. (As GM, you can share this move with the Players before using it. Then, as a Soft Move, have a Grey Folk seek to lock eyes with the Player, and ask "What do you do?" If their reaction leads to a hard move, use Ennui)

Choking Dust - When you are caught within the Grey Folks' choking dust, you cannot breathe (assuming you must) or see (assuming you normally can). You are blinded, and gasping for air until you escape the dust. Likely confusion and panic will set in as well.

Instincts: Keep their 'workplace' free of disorder.

Moves: Ensure discipline. Suppress Disorder. Summon Shadows of the Scream. Ennui. Choking Dust.


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