Monday, May 30, 2016

The Questing Beast

So, this is the Questing Beast / Glatisant. You may remember her from T.H. White's Once and Future King. She is the 5th forest manager. Just 1 more to go, damn my slow pace.

Here she is in all her glory. Art by Deimos-Remus (Deviantart)

Questing Beast / Glatisant
Close Defense: 24
Ranged Defense: 24
Armour: 1D12 / + 2 (Thick Hide and Fur)
Hit Dice: 13 (52 hp)
Initiative: +12
Movement: 70 meters per round Walking
Attacks: 2 / +13 (Hooves) and 1 / +13 (Bite) or 2 / +13 (Hooves) and 1 / +13 (Plasma Breath)
Damage: 1D10 Hooves – (*Shock-Wave x2), 1D12 Bite – (Armor Defeating and **Poison), 1D10 Plasma Breath (***Spreading, ****Continuous, Igniting, Volt, and Range: Point Blank)
Saves: 17
Traits: Feline – Acute Hearing, Graceful, Natural Weapons, Night Vision, Rapid Reaction, Wary, Vibration Sense. Ophidian – Coil. *****Psi-Talent.

*Shock-Wave: When an individual is struck by a shock-wave weapon, it produces a shock-wave that strikes all other targets in a 1 meter radius. Every time shock-wave is taken the radius is increased by 1 meter. The shock-wave does one less die-type than a direct hit. The targets may make Reflexes saving rolls to avoid the shock-wave damage.

**Poison: Every time a target is struck by the Questing Beast's bite attack, and at least 1 point of damage is suffered after armor protection, the target must make a Toughness save. If they fail their save, they take an additional 1D8 points of damage, this damage cannot be reduced by armor/force-fields/psi-talents.

*** Spreading: This ability adds 1 meter to either side of the projectile's/beam's path. The attacker makes a single attack-roll, if the attack roll exceeds the defense score of anyone caught in the path of the attack, they suffer damage as normal.

****Continuous: The attack damages everyone in the path and range of the beam/projectile. The attacker makes a single roll, all those in the path of the beam/projectile whose defense is less than the roll, are hit.

*****Psi-Talent: Glatisant is capable of using certain Psi-Talents a set number of times per day and others at will. Caster level is equal to Glatisant Hit-Dice. At-Will each: Bearing and Light-Heal. 4 / Day each: Mindbolt, Beguile, and Sleep. 3 / Day each: Enthrall, ESP, Heat, and Mindwipe. 2 / Day each: Missile Shield, Clairvoyance, Speed, and Suggestion. 1 / Day each: Melee Shield, Intellect Blaster, and Geas.

Alpha Blue
Health: 85
Armor: 4
Action Dice: 4d6
#Attacks: 3 [Level: 13]
Special: Trippy Bite: Anyone who is damaged by Glatisant's bite suffer from mind-blowing hallucinations if they fail their save to resist the poison. Thunder Hoof: Glatisant's hoof strikes cause shock-waves that damage others who are within 7 feet of the target. Those in the range of the shock-waves may make a save to avoid being damaged. Plasma Spew: The Questing Beast can spew out a beam of plasma like that fired from a shoulder mounted plasma cannon. F'ing With Your Mind Man: Your mind, is her mind's toy to play with. She is capable of dominating the weak-minded, especially the unimaginative. Those that fail their save are forced go on a 'quest' for her.

Armor Class: 24
Hit Dice: 13
Initiative: +7
Movement: 200 feet per round Walking.
Attacks: 2 / +13 (Hooves), 1 / +13 (Bite), and (Plasma Breath)
Damage: 1D10 Hooves, 1D12 Bite – (*Poison), and Plasma Breath (7D6)
All Saves: 5
Magic Resistance: 25%
Size: 4 ft. at the shoulder, and 10 ft. long. (Size of a male African Lion)
Alignment: Lawful
Intelligence: Supra-Genius
Special Abilities:
*Poison: Every time a person takes damage from Galisant's bite, the target must make a save versus Poison. Those that fail their save will take 1D4 damage per round for the next 3 rounds. A single target can suffer from 3 doses of poison at a time.

Plasma Breath: Every 1D4 rounds the Questing Beast may breathe a 90 ft. long 15 ft. wide line of plasma. The plasma does 7D6 damage. Those that make a successful save versus breath, only take ½ damage. Glatisant may make a breath attack along with her normal attacks.

Spell Casting: Glatisant is capable of using certain spells a set number of times per day and others at will. Caster level is equal to Glatisant Hit-Dice. At-Will each: Command and Cure Light Wounds. 4 / Day each: Magic Missile, Charm Person, and Sleep. 3 / Day each: Enthrall, ESP, Heat Metal, and Forget. 2 / Day each: Clairvoyance, Haste, and Suggestion. 1 / Day each: Protection from Normal Weapons, Maze, and Geas.

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