Tuesday, May 31, 2016

For Young Master Pellinore

This is a version of Galisant / Questing Beast more in line with legends and T.H. White's 'Once and Future King'. 

For Young Master Pellinore. Art by H.J. Ford (1904)
Galisant of Legends and Stories
Armor Class: 23
Hit Dice: 10D + 10
Initiative: +5
Movement: 200 feet per round Walking.
Attacks: 2 / +10 (Hooves), 1 / +10 (Bite), and (Baying of Hounds)
Damage: 1D8 Hooves, 1D10 Bite – (*Poison)
All Saves: 10
Magic Resistance: 20%
Size: 4 ft. at the shoulder, and 10 ft. long. (Size of a male African Lion)
Alignment: Lawful
Intelligence: Average Human
Special Abilities:
*Poison: Every time a person takes damage from Galisant's bite, the target must make a save versus Poison. Those that fail their save will take 1D4 damage per round for the next 3 rounds. A single target can suffer from 3 doses of poison at a time.

Infrared Vision: Galisant can see in the Infrared spectrum, allowing her to see perfectly in the dark.

Baying of Hounds: Galisant is able to produce a sound exactly like a pack of baying hounds. The sound can be modulated to create a number of effects. Galisant may use each effect three times per day. Effect I: Galisant brings into being a special favor upon herself and her allies, and causes harm to her enemies. All attacks, damage and saving throws made by those in capable of hearing the baying who are friendly to Galisant are at +1, while those of her enemies are at -1. This bonus/penalty continues as long as Galisant continues to bay. She may attack while baying, but only using her hooves. The bonus ends when she stops baying. Effect II: Her baying can summon a mammal, or several of them, to her locale in order that the creature(s) can attack the Galisant's opponents. The conjured animal(s) remain in the cleric's locale for 20 melee rounds, or until slain. Galisant can call up one or more mammals with hit dice whose total does not exceed 10. The creature(s) summoned will unfailingly attack the opponent(s) of Galisant. Effect III: Galisant lets out a single loud bark that causes a cone-shaped area originating at her mouth and extending outwards in a 60ft cone to be filled with destructive vibrations. It causes 5D4 damage, it also causes deafness for 5 turns on a failed save versus magic.

Pursued But Never Caught: Galisant is always able to find the shortest, most direct route that she is seeking, be it the way to or from or out of a locale. The locale can be outdoors or underground, a trap or even a maze spell. The spell will enable Galisant to select the correct direction which will eventually lead her to egress, and the exact path to follow (or actions to take). She is never hindered by her environment, never receiving movement negatives due to terrain.

Spell Casting: While Galisant is not a true spell-caster, she is able to create a number of effects due to her magical nature. 1 / Week: Geas / Quest – She only bestows quests to those she believes are worthy. Those who successfully complete the quest are granted one of the following: A legendary magical item (GM's choice), Immunity to all natural poisons, Trackless steps, Completely unhindered by forest growth, or Ability to speak to non-magical animals. Those who do something dishonorable by Galisant's standards, lose this ability ability until they engage in another of Galisant's quests. 1 / Day Each: Heal, Restoration, and Resurrection. Galisant only uses her abilities on those she finds worthy.

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