Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Other Folk - Completed! OSR, CDS, and Dungeon World Compatible!

Accept the mystery, and receive their help...
Notes: So, the exact extent of the powers of the Other Folk is left somewhat open. The idea is that they are truly capable of anything that falls within their purview. Those that play the role of the vessel are given preference when the Other Folk are granting requests, though others may beseech the manifested being. The rules for being a vessel are as follows:

The vessel must make a save versus Poison. A success means that their body is able to handle the stress of their possession. A failure results in the loss of 1D10 temporary points of Constitution, 1 point will return each day the vessel spends resting. A critical failure results in the Constitution loss being permanent, they are only able to be returned by spells like Miracle and Wish.

Crimson Dragon Slayer
The rules work exactly like the OSR rules.

Dungeon World
The vessel must make a Constitution based check. On a 10+, the vessel is able to handle the stress of the change cause by the Other Folk. On a 7-9, the vessels loses 1D10 temporary points of Constitution, 1 point will return each day the vessel spends resting. On a 6 or less, the Constitution loss is permanent, the points can only be returned by the cleric spell Repair.

Miracles are free, their help always comes with a cost.

Tonight's Guest
1) The Grins: AppearanceThe vessel's expression slowly changes to a wide smile, usually from one of terrified awe. Soon, however, the smile spread beyond what should be physically possible. Stretching out to wrap around the jaw and cheeks to touch each ear. The grin becomes taller as well, growing up to swallow nose and eyes until there is nothing but hair, forehead, and grin. The teeth remain the same size, but they grow in number until teeth are layered over one another and roll back in rows down the vessel's throat. BehaviorCondescension and false joviality drip from every utterance in a voice that fluctuates between the deepest basso profundo to the highest falsetto. He offers desires of hunger and lust, and asks for very little. A favor, not now, but later. Later, when the buyer is comfortable and secure. Later, when the buyer has ever-so-much more to lose.
2) The Brick Wall Boy: AppearanceThe vessel's physical proportions slowly take on those of a child, rounding what once was sharp and firming what once was flab. Their hair grows, or shortens, into a blonde mop and their eyes turn a piercing blue. Soon the skin takes on a ocher color and then a rough, brick-like texture. Lines of mortar appear in regular intervals along the body, while the floors creak under the new sac of bricks weight. BehaviorPlayful, innocent, flighty, inattentive, and cruel. The Brick Wall Boy embodies every stereotype of children, both the positive and the monstrous. He offers protection and separation, building hidden barriers between the seeker and the things they wish to avoid. The payment is usually some bauble or trinket, or even a piece of candy. Whatever he wants, the vessel never has it, and the journey to find the item quickly becomes a complicated mess. Stores that used to sell the item no longer carry it, an item the character had seen around frequently is now no where to be found. The journey usually ends after a long fruitless search, and the item's price is now far more than it usually is.
3) Mister Stitches: AppearanceThe vessel's clothes begin to twist tightly against the their body, filling the room with the sound of choking and ripping cloth. Soon, clothes are unraveling, their threads swirling around the vessel's body. Threads multiply and wrap around the vessel's body, binding loosely around their torso and tightly around their limbs. Halos of thread surround the transformed vessel, the halo surging and receding with the rhythm of its voice. A nudist attempted to become the vessel for Mister Stitches once, Waylon and the street-folk refuse to speak about the incident. BehaviorA mass of nervous energy, it paces about the room as it rapidly narrates its own actions if left alone. When spoken to, Mister Stitches has the unnerving habit of walking around those addressing him. He speaks in a rapid monotone, his conversations linking topics without concern as to how they relate to one another. Mister Stitches offers those that beseech him the ability to bind people or concepts to their identity. Want to be though of as charming, handsome, intelligent, or talented? Mister Stitches can oblige, though people won't be able to say why they think these things about the individual. Want a new best friend, lover, husband, or wife? Mister Stitches is the perfect match maker. The new love can't say why they enjoy the individual's company, only that they would stay with the vessel forever. All that Mister Stitches asks is for the individual to separate themselves from something in their lives. Quitting a job, ending a relationship, or removing an appendage, fulfilling Mister Stitches' requirements are usually painful.
4) Our Lady of Neon: AppearanceThe vessel's skin begins to darken until it is the color of night, the skin even and smooth like silk. The beauty of female vessels is enhanced, lending them an almost divine beauty. The appearance of males softens, giving them an androgynous, yet pleasing, appearance. Soon color appears, at first just star-like pinpoints of luminous neon color. After moments, the color spreads, flowing over the vessel's skin in a riot of bright geometric shapes. Their eyes are the last to change, irises taking on varying bright colors in concentric rings. BehaviorOur Lady of Neon, or just Lady Neon, focuses her attention making situations more bearable. Just as neon light can beautify a dirty alley on a dark night, she seeks to make a situation more bearable without any intrinsic change. Lady Neon makes situations more bearable through bolstering a person's tolerance to it, increasing a person's patience or ability to tolerate pain. She is, by far, the most benevolent of the Other Folk. The costs for her help are light, though she does ask for something in return for her assistance as it seems some kind of intrinsic quality of the Other Folk. Lady Neon's price is for a person to bear something new, without her support. This new difficulty is incredibly minor, such as minor tinnitus or a paper cut that will not heal. Her behavior, while possessing a vessel, is often described as kind and nurturing.
5) Mister Sandman: AppearanceThe vessel's skin becomes rough and grainy, the hues of their body shifting to light browns and khaki. Soon their facial features soften, losing definition across their entire body, until their form resembles a wind-eroded statue of their former self. The shapes of their body shift with each movement, like piled sand constantly sliding and reforming to hold a particular shape. A whispering sound surrounds them, accompanying every movement no matter how subtle. BehaviorMister Sandman prefers to play the character of a small-town family doctor, even going so far as to mimic a southern lilt to his whisper voice. His behavior is friendly, even when threatening, veiling his threats as advice or gentle warnings. He offers the veil of dreams, allowing individuals to drape the fantasy over reality. While Lady Neon may make a situation more bearable by slightly altering feelings and perception, Mister Sandman fully replaces feelings and perceptions. A garbage strewn alley can become a well kept suburban street, an addiction ravaged body can be that of Mister or Miss America. In essence, Mister Sandman sells lies that persist beyond thoughts and into reality. A person will still perceive danger, and can very well be harmed or killed. The danger, however, takes on a fantastic form to fit the individual's fantasy. A sore covered, and knife wielding, drug addict can become a sword swinging black-knight. An abusive spouse, can become a brooding beauty, making their hurtful actions truly dramatic as in the movies. What Mister Sandman asks for in return are the dreams of the 'buyer'. While sleeping without dreaming may be easy to give away, the imagination that is also taken can be sorely missed. Books become mere words, stories become a disconnected series of events, and ambition fades away. After paying the Sandman's price, people become the two-dimensional characters on the movie screens that they envied, without anything more than what is easily presented.
6) The Good Doctor: AppearanceThe vessel's clothes begin to lose color, while the fabric taking on a perfectly pressed appearance, the creases and seams starched. Clothing then changes to a physicians coat and scrubs. The vessel's face slowly becomes more and more luminous, until its shine obscures the vessels facial features and blinds anyone looking directly at them. The Good Doctor's appearance is neither male or female, the light making it impossible to read the physical characteristics of the being. Its voice thin and reedy, though without a hint as to the gender. BehaviorThe Good Doctor's demeanor is supremely cold, but also perfectly professional, its only concern being the job at hand. The Doctor offers physical change, whatever is desired by the 'patient'. The drawback, or cost, to the procedure is that the Doctor gets final say on the final form of the requested change. One might request to become younger, the Doctor decides how far the clock is turned back. A request for beauty will always be fulfilled, but by whose standards is up to the Good Doctor. A payment is never asked for, the Doctor 'just wants to help'. The final drawback to the Doctor's assistance is the possibility of addiction to the change the Doctor brings. 

This is the motto of every building in Noir Weights.

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