Sunday, April 24, 2016

Our Lady of Neon

Here is a minor update to my setting, since I have to do some writing for my Monday game that I GM. 
The kindest of the Other Folk...
Our Lady of Neon: AppearanceThe vessel's skin begins to darken until it is the color of night, the skin even and smooth like silk. The beauty of female vessels is enhanced, lending them an almost divine beauty. The appearance of males softens, giving them an androgynous, yet pleasing, appearance. Soon color appears, at first just star-like pinpoints of luminous neon color. After moments, the color spreads, flowing over the vessel's skin in a riot of bright geometric shapes. Their eyes are the last to change, irises taking on varying bright colors in concentric rings. BehaviorOur Lady of Neon, or just Lady Neon, focuses her attention making situations more bearable. Just as neon light can beautify a dirty alley on a dark night, she seeks to make a situation more bearable without any intrinsic change. Lady Neon makes situations more bearable through bolstering a person's tolerance to it, increasing a person's patience or ability to tolerate pain. She is, by far, the most benevolent of the Other Folk. The costs for her help are light, though she does ask for something in return for her assistance as it seems some kind of intrinsic quality of the Other Folk. Lady Neon's price is for a person to bear something new, without her support. This new difficulty is incredibly minor, such as minor tinnitus or a paper cut that will not heal. Her behavior, while possessing a vessel, is often described as kind and nurturing.

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