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So here we are, the last set of tables for my Pashan Whispers setting. Read the end of the article to find out what my next project will be.

Strange crates in a strange place...

Warehouse - 1D8
1-2) Nothing of Use: The characters just find broken crates made of chitin and bone. Within the creates they find various piles of disintegrated: foodstuffs, scrolls, books, clothing, or toys.
3) Roll on Library Table: Characters find D6 number of items rolled.
4) Roll on Governance Table: Characters find D6 number of items rolled.
5) Roll on Court Table: Characters find D6 number of items rolled.
6) Roll on Living Area Table: Characters find D6 number of items rolled.
7) Roll on Barracks Table: Characters find D6 number of items rolled.
8) Roll on Farming Table:Characters find D6 number of items rolled.

Your on duty nurse...

Hospital - 1D8
1-2) Nothing of Use: The characters just find broken beds of black silk, dust, and metal. In cabinets and chests they find: rusted surgical implements, broken crystal vials, and rotten white silk robes.
3) Miracle Ticks: Characters find 1D3 octagonal, iridescent, green vials containing a grape sized tick. Outside of the occasional twitch when the vial gets near living flesh, the tick remains completely still. When the vial is opened, the tick will immediately jump and attach itself to the nearest living creature. For the next 1D6 x 10 minutes, the tick pumps its own blood into the person granting them fast healing and 1 re-roll each round to fight the effects of poison and disease. (Roll 1D4 for each vial to determine the amount of fast healing the tick grants). After the allotted time, the tick falls away from its host as a shriveled husk. If removed prematurely, the tick will continue to spew out its blood until it shrivels and dies after the allotted time. A person may reattach a removed tick, as long as there is time left.
4) Apothecary Scorpion: The characters find 1D3 of these largely docile scorpions that appear to be strangely colored Emperor Scorpions with silver needle stingers. The scorpions never use their pincers, but will sting any target that lights strikes them (a finger flick will do). The coloring of the scorpions is always iridescent but with differing hues depending on their 'venom'. The scorpions hold 3 doses within their 'venom' sacs, they renew these doses at a rate of 1 every 8 hours. These scorpions seem to be able to subsist on air alone. Roll 1D4 to determine the scorpions coloring and effect of its 'venom': 1 – Light Blue: +1 bonus to Search checks, +10 ft movement rate, and +/- 2 Bonus to AC. Effect lasts 1 hour, after that hour the individual 'crashes' taking a -2 to all skill and stat checks for the next hour. 2 – White/Silver: Renders the individual immune from insanity, mind effects, and moral effects. However, the character receives a -5 penalty to all rolls that involve social interaction, due to the character being ever so blasé about everything around them. The effects last for 1D3 hours. If the character is currently suffering a preexisting form of insanity, that insanity is negated for the duration of the 'venom's' effect. 3 – Pink: This allows a user to make 3 rolls to combat the current ongoing effects from a disease or poison, these rolls count toward the total number of saves needed to completely overcome the disease or poison. If the individual is under the effects of multiple diseases or poisons, roll randomly to see which poison or disease the 'venom' fights first. If there are any remaining rolls left, they are applied to the next poison/disease rolling randomly if there are multiple poisons/diseases remaining. 4 – Purple: The 'venom' grants the user an incredible level of pain tolerance, which in turn grants the individual 2/- damage reduction. The drawback is that they GM keeps track of the individual's hit-points, and does not inform them how much damage they have taken. This effect lasts for 1 hour.
5) Diagnosis Flea: The characters find 1D6 green chitin boxes the size of a matchbox, they can hear nearly inaudible taps coming from within the box. In the box they find a white flea that is roughly twice the size of a normal flea. These fleas will change colors after tasting a person's blood, the colors correspond to whether or not the person is under the influence of a disease or a poison. The colors will differ depending on the type of disease or poison the individual is suffering from. On the box is a small legend, written in the Pasha language, that describes what each color means. The fleas become torpid after consuming a drop of blood from the individual, making it easy for them to be returned to the box.
6) Nurse Spider: The characters find a motionless white spider with the same physiology of a black widow, though roughly the size of an adult's hand. If fed 1 HP worth of blood, the spider will become active, and move to rest on the arm or shoulder of the person who fed it blood. For the remainder of the day the spider will bite whoever they are resting on, when that individual reaches 50% or less of their total HP. Rather than damaging the individual, the spider's bite will heal 1D6+3 HP. The spider is capable of delivering 3 such bite before running out of its healing venom. It refreshes its uses at a rate of 1 per 8 hours. When the blood feeder finally lays down to sleep, or meditate in the case of elves, the spider then goes back to its motionless state. It will reawaken when it is fed 1 HP of blood again. Stats: HP: 10 AC: 17 Move: 20 ft. No. of Attacks: 1 To-Hit: +2 Damage: 1D3 Size: Diminutive All Saves: 15.

Seeds of life.

Farming - 1D6
1-2) Nothing of Use: The characters just find broken ceramic containers, rodent chewed seeds, rusted tools, and the empty husks of giant work beetles.
3) Limb Seeds: The characters find 1D10 perfectly octahedral, golden seeds the size of an adult's thumbnail. If planted in fertile soil, given regular watering, and given plenty of sun the seed will produce a green shoot in 1D8+1 days. If a person missing any body part sacrifices 1 HP of blood from the area of the missing part by letting the blood onto the shoot, the shoot will grow into a full sized plant in 1D12+1 days. The full sized plant will fruit 1D3 green replacement parts. If the part is picked and pressed against the place the missing part once resided, the green part will attach itself and function as the natural part did. The part will wither and die if pressed to a person who did not sacrifice blood. This plant can only regrow lost parts, not parts that were absent at the time of birth due to some form of defect.
4) Cuisine Seeds: The characters find 3D10 perfectly spherical blue seeds the size of a pea. If planted in fertile soil, given regular watering, and given plenty of sun the seed will produce a green shoot in 1D8+1 days. If a particular culinary dish (ex: filet mignon, crème brulee, etc...) is buried next to the shoot, the shoot will grow into a full grown plant in 1D12+1 days. The full sized plant will fruit 1D8+2 perfect reproductions of the culinary dish covered in a thick yellow rind. It will take roughly 6 weeks for these fruits to spoil if the rinds are not removed. The 'fruit' will spoil as the dish it replicates would once the rind is removed.
5) Item Seeds: The characters find 3D10 perfect cube red seeds the size of a 'standard' sized 6 sided die. If planted in fertile soil, given regular watering, and given plenty of sun the seed will produce a green shoot in 1D8+1 days. When an item that is no large than a medium sized weapon is buried next to the shoot, the shoot will grow into a full grown plant in 1D12+1 days. The full grown plant will sprout branches in the form of whatever item was buried next to it. The branch versions of the items possess the same stats as the buried items, save that they do not possess any of the magical enchantments of the original item. The copied items possess all the altered stats from being made of special materials, though they do not count as being made of the special material for the purposes of bypassing damage reduction. The original item is destroyed after the plant reaches full size.
6) Resurrection Seeds: The characters find 1D3 icosahedron shaped purple seeds the size of a 'standard' sized D20. The seed must placed in the mouth, or body, of creature who has been dead for no more than 6 months and that body must be buried in fertile soil. If these criteria are met, after 1D10+1 days a green pod will grow out of the soil, the pod will be the same size as the creature buried. Moments after the pod reaches full sized, a green tinged perfect copy of the buried creature bursts forth. The copy has all the same memories of the original, as well as the same number of hit-dice and class levels as the original. The GM may decide that the copy also has the same amount of experience points as the original. The copy will have an a nagging feeling that they are merely a copy. There is no game mechanic to describe this, but players are encouraged to role play out this new personality quirk. Finally, the copy is incapable of digesting meat, so must adjust their diet accordingly. The original body is destroyed in the creation of the copy.

The Man. The Master
The Next Project
My next project will involve recreating the strange city my imagination goes to whenever I listen to Tom Waits music. The part of town these next posts will focus on will be a rundown neighborhood call Noir Weights. The neighborhood contains multiple abandoned buildings and an abandoned distillery along with the homes of thousands of people. The main source of inspiration will be Tom Waits' album,
Mule Variations.

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