Friday, April 22, 2016

Mister Stitches

Here's a mini-update to the setting. This weekend I am going to have a bunch of time to write, so hopefully I will be able to finish this up and add a bunch of crunch stuff for Crimson Dragon Slayer, OSR, and Dungeon World. Multi-system setting, woo!!! Once I have everything written, I will combine all the posted updates into a single post/document.

Behold! Mister Stitches for President, 2016!
3) Mister Stitches: AppearanceThe vessel's clothes begin to twist tightly against the their body, filling the room with the sound of choking and ripping cloth. Soon, clothes are unraveling, their threads swirling around the vessel's body. Threads multiply and wrap around the vessel's body, binding loosely around their torso and tightly around their limbs. Halos of thread surround the transformed vessel, the halo surging and receding with the rhythm of its voice. A nudist attempted to become the vessel for Mister Stitches once, Waylon and the street-folk refuse to speak about the incident. BehaviorA mass of nervous energy, it paces about the room as it rapidly narrates its own actions if left alone. When spoken to, Mister Stitches has the unnerving habit of walking around those addressing him. He speaks in a rapid monotone, his conversations linking topics without concern as to how they relate to one another. Mister Stitches offers those that beseech him the ability to bind people or concepts to their identity. Want to be though of as charming, handsome, intelligent, or talented? Mister Stitches can oblige, though people won't be able to say why they think these things about the individual. Want a new best friend, lover, husband, or wife? Mister Stitches is the perfect match maker. The new love can't say why they enjoy the individual's company, only that they would stay with the vessel forever. All that Mister Stitches asks is for the individual to separate themselves from something in their lives. Quitting a job, ending a relationship, or removing an appendage, fulfilling Mister Stitches' requirements are usually painful.

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