Thursday, April 14, 2016

Just a couple...

Here are a couple more tables for the Pashan whispers! Hopefully, I will be able to finish off the tables project in the next post so I can begin writing a whole new mini-setting!

Spider-Silk Razor-Wire Grenade

1-2) Nothing of Use: The characters just find rust ruined weapons scattered on largely empty racks.
3) Thread Blade: The sword has a simple cross hilt, curved handle, and an octahedral pommel all made of tightly braided and woven black thread with a slight gloss to it. The blade portion of the sword is a constant swirl of unraveling thread holding a vague, blade shape without the thread becoming tangled or knotted. When an individual or object is struck by the sword, the threads of the blade suddenly disappear then reappear wrapped around the target so tightly that the threads cut into and crush the target. The sword has the added bonus of grappling an opponent, on a successful hit. However, it is only able to use this ability on a target no bigger than one size category larger than the weapon size, it may use this ability on any size smaller than the sword. To maintain the grapple, the user must release the handle of the sword. Its ability makes the sword only usable to grapple and damage a single target. Stats: Damage:2D4 (Slashing or Bludgeoning whichever is more advantageous) Size: Medium Grapple Strength: 18
4) Mosquito Spitting Glove: This hand-sized, wingless mosquito is found in a crystal phial. The head has a backwards pointing proboscis that pierces the wearer's skin when the body is pressed to the back of the the user's hand. The head also has a sphincter mouth facing forward. After piercing the user's hand, the insect's legs wrap around to press against their palm. Once completely attached, the glove grants the user heat-vision. The glove spits wads of red phlegm that crystallizes into a sharp shard that impacts and pierces the target. The base damage is 1D6, however for every 1 HP sacrificed the damaged is increased by 1 step to a maximum of 3 HP (ex: -1 HP 1D8, -2 HP 1D10, -3 HP 1D12). Also, the character may sacrifice 1 HP to do 1D3 continuing acid damage for a number of rounds equal to the character level +1, a single target may have up to 3D3 damage active at one time. In order to keep the glove healthy, it needs to be returned to its phial. Every hour that the unattached glove spends outside of the phial, there is a 1 in 6 chance of it dying. Stats: Damage: 1D6+ (Piercing) Size: Medium Range: Short: 30' Medium: 60' Long: 90'
5) Attack Amoebiod: Sealed in a strange, clear rhomboid box is a green tinged fluid. When released from the box, the liquid thickens and shapes itself into an ovoid shape. It is roughly the size of a soccer ball (football), and will heed the simple commands of whoever carries the box (ex: Stay, Attack, Guard, Fetch, etc...). On command, the amoebiod can explode in a 20' radius, doing 1D4 damage per HP the creature currently has. The box can create a new amoebiod by doing 3 HP of damage that may be healed normally. The creation takes 1 week, but for every 3 HP extra sacrificed reduces the time to make by 1 day. If 24 HP is sacrificed from a single, or multiple sources, will result in the creature being formed instantly. Stats: HP: 8 AC: 15 Move: 20 ft. No. of Attacks: 1 To-Hit: +3 Damage: 1D6 Size: Diminutive All Saves: 16
6) Spider-Silk Razor-Wire Grenade: This grenade look like an apple sized, mottled brown spider's abdomen. For every round the grenade is shaken it does 1D4 slashing damage to everything in a 10' radius of the object/person the abdomen strikes. The grenade can do a maximum of 8D4 damage, but loses 1D4 from its damage every turn it is not shaken. The characters find 1D6+1 grenades in a spider shaped box made of chitin. Targets caught in the blast radius can make a save versus Breath/Dex for ½ damage. 

Chromatophore Cloak

1-2) Nothing of Use: The characters just find stained and disintegrating uniforms as well as a number of books that contain saucy woodcuts of naked humanoids.
3) Mist Armor: A roiling mist contained within an amulet that can be worn on a bracelet or necklace. When the clasp on the amulet is released, the mist flows over the wearer, providing them with protection. Re-engaging the clasp will cause the mist to return to the amulet. The amount of protection provided depends on its color: Red: +1 AC Yellow: +2 AC Purple: +3 AC Black: +4 AC. The armor bonus stacks with other armor, but it's reduced in a strong wind. In a strong wind, the AC bonus is reduced by -1. The armor does not incur penalties for being worn. 1D8 (1-3: Red 4-5: Yellow 6-7: Purple 8: Black).
4) Beetle Goggles: These goggles appear to be a black, iridescent beetle with a single head but two bodies protruding from either side of the head. The goggles naturally adhere over the eyes, once worn the wings open to reveal hemispheres of jelly sealed in a cage of chitin. Once the wings open, the user's vision expands to allow them to see beyond the 3rd dimension. This expanded sight grants the user +1 to their AC. The wearer may sacrifice 2 HP to improve this bonus by +1 AC as their vision expands further, up to a maximum of +4 AC provided by the goggles. The bonus last for a turn (10 minutes), before the bonus fades. The goggles do not appear to need food or water in order to survive.
5) Razor Wing Moth Shield: Found in a cocoon of gently pulsing silk lays a comatose moth. With wings furled, the moth is roughly half the size of an adult's forearm. When the wings unfurl, they stretch to roughly the size of a large shield. The wings are made of some kind of mottled red and green, metallic silk. The wings are incredibly resilient, granting a +1 shield bonus to AC. The head of the moth is manipulated to get it to clasp the wearer's forearm, unfurl its wings, and to engage in its two 'modes'. The first mode gives the wearer a 1 in 6 chance of blocking incoming ranged attacks. The second mode will cause the moth to attack anyone coming within 5' of the wearer with the razor sharp edges of its wings. Unless the moth is targeted, the creature will not take damage from attacks. The moth needs a steady diet of leafy greens, if not fed in 3 or more days, it dies. Stats: HP: 10 AC: 16 Move: 60 ft. (Flying) No. of Attacks: 1 To-Hit: +2 Damage: 1D8 Size: Small All Saves: 15.
6) Chromatophore Silk Cloak: This cloak is woven of spider silk, with thousands of tiny chromatophore nodules woven into it. When worn, the chromatophores strobe in thousands of colors, causing slight disorientation in those attempting to target the wearer. When attacked in melee, the cloak grants the user a 1 in 10 chance to be missed due to disorienting the attacker. When attacked from range, the user has a 2 in 10 chance of being missed.

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