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The Pasha formed their structures from the shells of massive terrestrial hermit crabs. Ages ago, the crab herds of the Pashan nomad cities freely roamed the prismatic deserts. Now, the luminous halls are only home to rainbow sands and forgotten artifacts. These structures can be seen poking through the dunes of the desert, or are excavated when the winds become strong enough. In the distance you see:

Forgotten halls on forgotten giants.

Structure Type1D12
Roll twice per shell.
1) Towers – 1D4
2) Pavilion
3) Structure – Shape (1D10 sides, a 1 indicates a circular building), 1D2 (1. No Pillars, 2. Pillars)
4) Dome – 1D3 (1. Geodesic, 2. Smooth, 3. Striated)
5) Pyramid – 1D4 (1. Stepped, 2. Ziggurat, 3. Conical, 4. Smooth/Dressed)
6) Basilica
7) Forum
8) Citadel
9) Surrounding Wall
10) Granary
11) Flat Open Area – 1D2 (1. Just Shell, 2. Indentation Filled W/ Soil)
12) Water Storage – 1D3 (1. Well, 2. Water Tower, 3. Cistern)

Previously Used For
1) Library
2) Market
3) Governance
4) Court
5) Living Area – 1D3 (1. Single Family/Group, 2. A Few Families/Groups, 3. Many Families/Groups)
6) Armory
7) Warehouse
8) Barracks
9) Hospital
0) Farming

Stay away from his boat. Not sure what a boat is doing in a fake desert...
The Pashan structures were moved and guarded by massive crabs. Hidden beneath the sand and ornate shell, lays a titan creature that may not be dead. The crabs were artisans, capable of creating their own shells through sculpting regurgitated prismatic sand turned into glass. Though possessing an alien psychology, they possessed a keen intellect. An entire caste of the Pasha, the crab herders, were responsible for communing with these creatures. Deep within the crabs lays a small nuclear furnace allowing them to derive sustenance from the sand and spit molten glass. There is a 1 in 12 chance that a crab will still be living, the crabs being legendary for near limitless life spans. Rarely, an unfortunate group might find a zombified crab, its dead body now animated by the strange forces inhabiting the desert. There is a 1 in 6 chance the crab will be a zombie.  

Crab Battle!!!
It's Alive! (OSR)
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Sand
Intelligence: Very Intelligent
Treasure: Whatever is inside it's building shell
Alignment: Neutral or Chaotic (3 in 6 chance of being insane from the long period of solitude)
No. Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 22
Movement: 40 ft.
Hit Dice: 15 (68 HP)
To-Hit: +10
No. of Attacks: 2 (Claws)
Damage: 3D6+3
Special Attacks: Spit Molten Glass: 15 ft. Cone Save vs. Breath for ½ damage (7D6 Damage). Character takes another 1D8 damage 2 rounds later after the glass cools and breaks. A crab must spend 1 round gathering sand into its mouth before it may spit glass. Assume the crab has eaten glass before the encounter.
Special Defenses: Immune to heat damage, 1.5x damage from cold damage.
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: Colossal (60’)
Morale: Perfect
All Saves but Breath: 8
Breath Save: 16 (Big and Slow)

It's Un-Alive! (OSR)
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Nil
Intelligence: Kill and Sleep (Extent of Mental Process)
Treasure: Whatever is inside it's building shell
Alignment: Chaotic (Only wants to kill and sleep)
No. Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 24 (Petrified Chitin)
Movement: 20 ft.
Hit Dice: 20 (90 HP)
To-Hit: +10
No. of Attacks: 2 (Claws)
Damage: 3D6+6
Special Attacks: None (Nuclear furnace died when it did)
Special Defenses: Immune to heat damage.
Magic Resistance: Nil
Size: Colossal (60’ Tall)
Morale: Perfect
All Saves but Breath: 8
Breath Save: 20 (Big and Really Slow)

These long forgotten titans can speak, though their language sounds like a blend of a foghorn and whale song. When not aggressive, it will attempt to speak to whoever has disturbed it. If the adventurers are unable to understand it, the crab will simply go back to sleep. A zombie crab will always choose option 3.

What it Wants – 1D6
1) Conversation – 1D4 (Topic: 1. Glass Blowing, 2. Sand Quality, 3. Pashan History, 4. GM's Choice)
2) 'Take care of' something wandering around the structure on its shell. A reward will be offered.
4) A random mundane item from the player's handbook.
5) Peace and quiet! If the characters make too much noise after the second warning, see option 3.
6) Deliver a message to another crab in the desert. A reward will be offered.

Up next, more tables for the crap you find inside the shell! Also, thank you Patrick Stewart (the cool writer, not the uncool spaceship captain) for adding me to his blog roll!

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